ABC Human Development Consultants Limited is a Management Consulting, Learning and Development Organization and a member of Standard Group of Companies.

ABC Human Development Consultants Limited has a management practice license in Nigeria as a Certified Management Organization (CMO) by the Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM) and a Corporate Member of same Regulatory body.

Also, we are accredited by the Centre for Management Development (CMD-Federal Government Establishment) as an Accredited Management and Training Institution in Nigeria and a Member of the Nigerian Institute for Training and Development (NITAD).

We are also a big player in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria having certified by Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) to conduct learning and development programmes in the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry.

In addition, ABC Human Development Consultants in Partnership with HRMantra Software PVT. Limited in India is a recognized leader in providing efficient and value-added Human Resources Outsourcing Services in Nigeria and Africa.

With our Firm expertise, we have successfully applied HRMantra Software for a broad range of industries. Having served hundreds of major Corporations and performed series of Human Resources functions.

This product, HRMantra Software, automate all the HR and Payroll Department’s requirement right from Staffing, Induction, HRIS, Attendance, Leave, Payroll, Training, Appraisal etc. HRMantra is the 1st Indian HR and Payroll Software Developer to have offered it on Software as a service basis. It is India’s most comprehensive HR and probably the world’s most powerful Attendance, Leave claims and Payroll software. We are extremely happy to inform you that HRMantra’s HR software is on cell phones (which is the world 1st HR software on modules) has been given the top 10 mobile application award.

HRMantra will definitely give you at least 15% cost saving. It also gives a fantastic working experience to all your employees and existing HR team will be spared the time spent on answering humdrum employees queries and generating error prone excel reports.

Regardless of size, geography, or industry, every organization makes significant investments in its Human Resources. Success requires visionary leaders, exceptional talents at all levels and the right strategies to keep that talent current, motivated and focused. ABC Human Development Consultants drives organizational success through learning and outsourcing. We are therefore capable of providing Standard or tailor made solutions to all forms of management and organizational challenges using modern management tools in learning and outsourcing.

Our Vision


To become a Prime Choice in Human Capital Development Best Practices Globally.


To help organizations increase efficiency and productivity through Learning and Development Programmes with impact.


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